neoBLUE® Radiometer for Newborn Jaundice Treatment

Be confident in knowing your newborn patients are receiving the right amount of light treatment

neoBLUE Radiometer measures the intensity of neoBLUE LED Phototherapy Systems by receiving precise measurements of light in the blue spectrum. Easily adjust the light intensity to achieve optimal results.


Only available in US and Canada.

Service and support

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Precision by design  

The dome diffuser on the sensor minimizes angular sensitivity while the microprocessor electronics improves linearity and reliability. Results can be reproduced and are provided in a standardized unit of measure.


Smart by design 

Easily measure with the push of a button while making adjustments to the light intensity. When the button is released, the final reading remains locked on the screen. Use the neoBLUE Radiometer to help determine appropriate height settings for overhead lights. The same sensor works for both overhead and under-baby systems.


Flexible by design  

Use neoBLUE Radiometer for accurate readings in the blue spectrum. Designed to work in sync with other products from the neoBLUE LED Phototherapy Systems line. Choose from the neoBLUE LED Phototherapy SystemneoBLUE compact and neoBLUE blanket.

Key Benefits

  • neoBLUE Radiometer is easy to read under all lighting conditions
  • Dome diffuser on sensor minimizes angular sensitivity
  • Microprocessor electronics improve linearity and reliability

Helps you comply with AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy

  • Automatically measures irradiance from 0.1 to 150.0 µW/cm²/nm
  • Measures action spectrum of bilirubin – 420 to 500 nm
  • Individually calibrated to a standard that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), each device comes with a calibration certificate provided for hospital reference.

Resources and Support


Brochure, Flyers, Datasheet and more


Manuals and guides (eIFUs)


LED Phototherapy System

neoBLUE Compact

Compact LED Phototherapy System

neoBLUE Blanket

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