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Read what hearing care professionals say about how Otoscan® gives them new ways to differentiate their practice and help more patients.




“We find that the technical innovation in Otoscan combined with unprecedented simplicity makes customization a great experience for our patients and audiologists.

It’s a wonderful feeling to make complex processes easier and give our patients a sense of security. Otoscan helps us do that.”

Lennart Goth & Nils Hampel


For Nils Hampel and Lennart Goth, owners and partners of Rhein-Neckar-Akustik, it is important to meet patients where they are on their hearing care journey – with know-how, humanity and the latest technology. Rhein-Neckar-Akustick recently introduced Otoscan in their clinic and are using it to create awareness, build trust and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship.




“I believe that Otoscan is going to reduce time with follow-up appointments due to fit and remakes significantly.

The fact that we have invested in Otoscan shows each patient – both current and new – that we are focused on personalizing their hearing care.”


Ryan Kabel


At Kabel Hearing Center, patients come first. The staff follows best practices for hearing aid fitting, using real ear fitting measurements and speech-in-noise testing for every patient. They recently invested in Otoscan and now the front office staff enters every patient into Otocloud® prior to the patient appointment so they are ready to be scanned once they see the hearing health professional.

“Universal dB is a major manufacturer and supplier of customer earmoulds and hearing products to both the NHS and private sector including: custom eartips for hearing aids, swim and water protection ear products, noise protection ear products, custom ear plugs and earpieces that enhance lifestyle and media communication. ”We have been a leading supplier to the NHS for almost 50 years. We are now delighted to confirm that we are a member of the Otocloud community and are able to accept orders via Otoscan, the new 3D digital ear scanning system from Natus.”


By receiving scans directly from Otocloud we are able to begin modelling the same day whilst saving our customers the time, delay and expense of boxing impressions and shipping them to us. We are also creating new efficiencies by reducing manual handling in house and cutting down on the waste created by trimming down a physical silicon impression..


Patient friendly, easy to use, accurate, consistent with digital scans stored securely in Otocloud – Otoscan 3D scanning technology will help you deliver customised hearing care to your patients in a much more efficient and streamlined way.


Our customers tell us that they value our high quality accurate products and our fast turn round – thanks to Otoscan, these two things just got even better!”


Paul Thorpe, Laboratory Manager, Universal dB

“ACS is a 100% digital production house for processing custom hearing protection and communications devices. I’ve been delighted to discover that Otometrics have resolved the issues that have persisted in competing direct ear scanning products with their new Otoscan product. At last, the final piece of the digital production jigsaw! Digital ‘impressions’ professionalise and streamline the customer experience with a shorter delivery cycle and 100% reproducibility of additional or replacement products. 3D technology has revolutionised our business over the past 4 years. It can do the same for you!”


Andy Shiach, Managing Director, Advanced Communication Solutions

The 3D digital ear scanning solution

Otoscan® is the future of hearing care counseling and transforms the way you provide hearing care.