Cranial Access Kits

Part of our reliable, proven, and trusted neurocritical care solutions suite, providers rely on Natus cranial access kits for safe, sterile cranial procedures. By pyrogen testing each kits’ components most likely to come into contact with CSF, Natus cranial access kits offer added protection from endo- and exotoxins, helping reduce the risk of inflammation and fever and giving you more confidence in the most critical procedures.


Cranial access kits are available with our without drugs and are pre-packaged sterile. Packaged for convenience, Natus cranial access kits provide easy access, keeping you prepared to reduce intracranial pressure, help provide temporary drainage of CSF, monitor ICP and protect your patients’ health throughout the procedure.

Only available in the United States.

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Cranial access kits for use in the ICU

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All Natus cranial access kits* contain the necessary components for access to the subarachnoid space or lateral ventricles of the brain, including:

  • High-quality instrumentation
  • Bone wax
  • Extra sponges
  • Benzoine tincture
  • Extra scissors
  • Film dressing

*See product details below for full kit contents and specifications



The 5 components most likely to come in contact with CSF – drill bits, spinal needle and scalpels – are pyrogenically tested to exceed standard sterility requirements and reduce the risk of contamination and inflammation.

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