Natus Elite® - Powered by Keypoint®

Building on the success of Keypoint, Natus Elite powered by Keypoint offers simple and reliable EMG data acquisition to to assess patients easily and accurately—and quickly create comprehensive reports.

Natus Elite Software is available on Natus Keypoint G4 and Keypoint Focus Systems.

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Faster reporting in familiar, flexible and expanded EMG software.

Now supported with expanded capabilities Natus Elite helps users quickly create comprehensive EMG data reports—while offering a familiar user interface for Keypoint users. Features like unique color per trace and easy access to test history (including reports from previous Keypoint systems) support a seamless upgrade for users of all skill levels.


Hardware configuration options to meet your clinical needs.

Natus Keypoint G4 and Natus Keypoint Focus EMG/NCS/EP systems are designed to help your care team stay closer to patients—regardless of your clinical environment. Available in convenient and highly mobile laptop setups, cart-based systems or dedicated workstations, Keypoint hardware alongside Natus Elite software enables intuitive, ergonomic operation with precise EMG data acquisition, giving your team greater confidence in the care they deliver.

Service and support

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Natus Elite powered by Keypoint software for EMG studies

Natus Elite software is intuitive, easy to use and incredibly customizable – you decide how you like to work.

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Seamless study to report with customizable workflows

A user-friendly interface on Natus Elite powered by Keypoint enables care providers of any skill level to confidently evaluate patients and produce informative reports. Customizable features, including personalized workflows further enhance care team efficiency.

  • Insight NCS provides easy access to side-by-side comparisons of patients’ new results and previous tests conducted—even across different test types and results from previous visits
  • Added patient reference values, including those for pediatric patients, for clear and convenient patient analysis
  • Ability to show or hide reference values in result table
  • Patient-to-report workflows for simple, efficient administration
  • Live remote viewing

Advanced testing features and highest-quality data resolution

Natus Elite powered by Keypoint includes new testing features alongside the highest-quality HD EMG data  resolution to increase your team’s ability to conduct research and serve patients’ diagnostic needs on a familiar software platform.

  • Expanded and improved testing capabilities include MUNIX, CMAP scan and single-fiber EMG (SFEMG) now with Jsum, automatic trigger level, and online analysis preview
  • HD EMG – High-definition resolution at 4,800 points per trace for saved data in standard testing produces high-quality signals
  • Automatically save and display each stimulation
  • Added transparency with unique colors assigned for each trace and added filter for nerves and muscles
  • Improved MUP analysis and unique EP data quality measures to save time and increase confidence
  • Enhanced averaging, even offline

Simplify, enhance and personalize your neurodiagnostic reports

  • Online Reporting and Snapshot Reporting for streamlined report creation during patient exams
  • Enrich your reports with anatomical images to simplify the muscle selection process and illustrate neurodiagnostic findings.
  • Auto Summary Report Generation provides step-by-step guidance and generates text recommendations based on test findings.
  • Easily incorporate NMUS images into reports from complementary testing.
  • Customize reports with professional templates, ultrasound images, and clinic branding; integrate with EMR and choose from various output formats for easy emailing, printing, or
  • saving reports locally or on a remote server.

Product Information


Nerve Conduction Studies
Terminal Latency Index (TLI)
Residual Latency (RL)
Combined Sensory Index (CSI)
Combined Motor and Sensory NCS
Short segments (Inching)
F Wave, H Reflex, Blink Reflex
Decrement (RNS), High Frequency RNS
Magnetic Evoked Potentials (MEP)
Sympathetic Skin Response (SSR)
RR Analysis: normal breathing, deep breathing, stand-up, Valsalva


Advanced NCS
Terminal Latency Index (TLI)
Residual Latency (RL)


Single Fiber EMG (SFEMG) / Macro EMG
Voluntary SFEMG
Stimulated SFEMG
Fiber Density
Macro EMG


Needle EMG
Standard needle EMG: Voluntary, Volitional, Maximum Volitional,
Single MUP analysis, EMG findings (Interpretation), Multi-channel EMG


Interference Pattern Analysis (TA)
Turns-Amplitude analysis (TA)
Number of Short Segments (NSS)


Evoked Potentials (EPs)
Auditory EP (AEP)
Visual EP (VEP) Pattern and Goggle
Somatosensory EP (SSEP), including ECG-Triggered SSEP
OHL Assessment
P300 / CNV
Ganzfeld Support (EOG / ERG)


Other Software Modules and Features
Multi-MUP Analysis (MMA)
Automatic Stimulation
Tremor Analysis
Reference Help


Natus Elite powered by Keypoint is available on Natus Keypoint G4 and Keypoint Focus systems.

Natus Keypoint G4


Robust, reliable and advanced EMG


Designed for premium performance, Keypoint G4 is a comprehensive EMG/NCS/EP with renowned signal quality. Accommodating a wide range of amplifiers and other hardware options, Keypoint G4 offers intuitive operation and precise data acquisition, enabling your care team to confidently perform patient assessment and research.

Natus Keypoint Focus


Scalable and flexible EMG solution


Focus is a highly flexible and easily scalable EMG solution renowned for its superior signal quality. Accommodating a wide range of amplifiers and other hardware options, Keypoint Focus offers intuitive operation and precise data acquisition, giving your team greater confidence in the care you deliver.

Complimentary Neuromuscular Ultrasound

InVisus Pro Neuromuscular Ultrasound (NMUS)

The newest and most advanced neuromuscular (NMUS) and musculoskeletal (MSK) solution from Natus, InVisus® Pro represents an exciting step into the future of NMUS at Natus. Add portability and convenience during ultrasound testing, needle-guided injections, diagnosis confirmation and treatment plan options. Using InVisus Pro concurrently with your EMG system can give your team a clearer picture of patients’ conditions and provide more confident diagnoses.

Invisus Pro for NMUS and MSK

IT Features

  • Fast, secure connection to patient EMRs and HL7 integration with hospital information systems, networking and remote view
  • Networking and SQL database improvements for scalability, security, administrator and user profiles
  • Enables facilities to use unique network username and password credentials
  • Reduced security risk; immediately disabling access to Natus Elite software when credentials change
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Cloud support for server databases

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