XactTrode Subdural Electrodes for Epilepsy Surgical Monitoring

Natus XactTrode Subdural Electrodes are the most efficient electrode and cable management system on the market. Simplify cable management with one block connector required for every thirty-two (32) contacts. A smarter design means fewer patient cables to connect, providing a more efficient workflow while maximizing the quality of the recordings. This system is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Natus Quantum® LTM Amplifier, making set up ideal for functional brain mapping while simultaneously providing patient comfort.

Only available in the United States.



Key Features:

  • Variety of XactStrip and XactGrid configurations, contact spacing and patient cable options
  • A silicone polymer blend allows flexibility during placement and removal
  • Mesh-embedded XactStrip option available
  • Color coding provides confident connection identification
  • Safety assurances guiding the connection of pigtails with block connectors include matched numbering and color-coding, along with a secure snap closure to lock the pigtail securely into place
  • Available in higher contact configurations for specific clinical demands and research applications (64 and 96 contacts)
  • Compatible with Natus Quantum or touch-proof connected amplifiers


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