EMG Electromyography

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EMG / NCS / EP Systems

Dantec Keypoint Focus
The Dantec Keypoint Focus EMG / NCS / EP System is used to measure nerve and muscle function in disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, myasthenia gravis and ALS. The Keypoint.NET software offers an exclusive suite of customizable features and test templates to enhance clinical workflows.

UltraPro EMG device
Developed in collaboration with physicians and technologists, the next generation UltraPro S100 builds on the success of the VikingQuest and previous UltraPro models, combining user-friendly controls and workflows with superior signal quality to help perform neuromuscular assessm

Handheld EMG

Dantec Clavis
The Dantec Clavis handheld device for EMG/STIM-guided injections is designed to be simple and intuitive to provide accurate guidance in minimal time. Clavis can assist the physician to improve and more precisely treat strabimus, dystonia, torticollis, blefarospasm, spasticity or vulvodynia.

Neuromuscular Ultrasound

InVisus Neuromuscular Ultrasound
The Natus InVisus is an affordable tablet-based ultrasound system for performing neuromuscular ultrasound procedures to enhance diagnosis by clinicians. Natus InVisus Ultrasound is a valuable addition to any Natus EMG System.

EMG Supplies