Overview of Brain Quick Product Lines

High-End Clinical Devices for LTM, ICU, EEG and Ambulatory

The BRAIN QUICK EEG Line of products includes configurations for Long Term Monitoring (LTM), ICU/NICU, Clinical EEG and Ambulatory home testing. Featuring intuitive software that is adaptable to each user’s workflow, and lightweight, expandable amplifiers that are optimal for patient mobility, BRAIN QUICK is ideal for Pediatric and Adult patient populations.

Micromed products, including the BRAIN QUICK EEG line of products, have joined the Natus family of solutions.

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Brain Quick LTM Device

Long Term Epilepsy Monitoring

The BRAIN QUICK LTM Line offers easy expansion from 32 to 256 channels and can be used as a wireless, wired or ambulatory system. Its compact, lightweight footprint and limitless patient mobility makes the system ideal for pediatric LTM studies. The small, versatile SD LTM 32 PLUS and SD LTM 64 PLUS amplifiers can serve as a 3-in-1 system: wired headbox, wireless headbox or ambulatory recorder.

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Brain Quick Clinical EEG

High-end Video EEG Systems

This easy to use system includes the SD PLUS™ amplifier which is available in a variety of configurations to suit any application from routine EEG studies to clinical research. Powered by BRAIN QUICK review and analysis software, the SD PLUS is a powerful and versatile amplifier offering high quality signal integrity and enough durability to withstand the demands of the busiest Hospital, Research or Neurology lab.

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Brain Quick Clinical EEG

Video EEG, EMG and EP in ICU and NICU

With its minimal size and medical grade all-in-one PC, the BRAIN QUICK ICU Line is ideal for EEG monitoring in the ICU and NICU. The system features an intuitive Hospital Grade, IP54 rated touch screen and the ability to set up EEG display and trend analysis in addition to event management over a network. Continuously monitor 29, 38 or 48 channels of EEG data, or combine with 2 to 17 channel EMG /EP system.

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Brain Quick Ambulatory

3-in-1 System

The BRAIN QUICK Ambulatory Line can be used for in-home LTM or PSG recording and offers ease of use, patient comfort and uninterrupted data collection – critical components for home-based EEG, LTM and PSG monitoring. With 34 channels and weighing only 200 grams, the Morpheus™ recorder includes wireless intelligence to automatically switch between wired, wireless and ambulatory mode to allow truly continuous recording without losing a single sample of data.

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