Nicolet EDX® EMG / NCS / EP / IOM System

Nicolet EDX Laptop Synergy SW w 2 Amps USB

Top of its class 

When caring for patients from all walks of life, you need an EMG system that’s fast, flexible and reliable. That’s why leading neuro hospitals and research centers choose the Nicolet EDX.  

Nicolet EDX is Natus’ most comprehensive EMG system, offering industry-leading performance for all the capabilities your organization needs. 

Not available in all countries.  Please contact your local sales representative for availability.



Learn from the Best

Designed for premium performance, the EDX combines state-of-the-art technology and proven clinical experience to simplify EMG/NCS/EP/IOM testing and help you acquire the best data, faster.

EDX in clinical setting


Scalable state of the art technology

Scalable, State-of-the-Art Technology. 

  • Various amplifier options conduct 24-bit, high resolution signals for standard or advanced EMG / NCS / EP testing
  • Dedicated external control panel provides flexibility for care providers to spend more time working bedside with patients for an improved care experience 
  • Intuitive, USB control panel with easy-to-read icons offers convenient access to testing functions and closer access to patient 
  • Connections for footswitch (single or triple), patient response unit, visual stimulators, audio transducers and reflex hammer 
  • Analog output for online analysis by external equipment
  • Powerful Digital Signal Processor provides advanced signal processing functionality 
  • Ergonomic, electrical stimulation probes — with 5 probe head options — are small, lightweight and designed for maximum comfort 

Trusted Software. Reliable Data. 

  • Built with industry-leading Natus Elite software powered by Viking or Synergy, with full patient and protocol compatibility with existing Natus products 
  • Superior signal quality for High-definition EMG™ performance. 48 kHz sampling rate provides high-quality signal with high-definition resolution for saved data in routine Motor and Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies and LivePlay signals in Needle EMG 
  • Puts patients at the center, easily and efficiently manage the patient journey, from admission to final report
  • Simplified, customizable workflows speed up common operations like rollback, roll forward, compare and switch sides 
  • Includes AANEM reference values for pediatric and adult patients that can be customized and selected based on patient age, height, gender and Body Mass Index
  • Enhanced software includes additional, automated testing capabilities and improved integration to keep patient information easily accessible — and more secure 
  • Improved SQL database and networking, designed for scalability with dedicated security, administrator and user profiles 


Trusted Software
20+ Exam Options
USB Control Panel Option
HL7 Networking

Lead with us 

Request a free demo of the EDX to see how our best-in-class EMG system can make a world of difference in your patient care and neuro research.


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