Moberg CNS Envision

CNS Envision Software offers efficient remote review of data recorded from the CNS Monitor, supporting the prevention of secondary brain injury by enabling timely intervention.

Not available in all countries including countries requiring a CE mark. Contact your Natus representative for availability. 

Advanced Data
Exploration Tools



Remote Monitoring
and Review

Enhanced multi-modal monitoring of the brain

A companion product to the CNS Monitor,  Moberg CNS Envision can be installed on any Windows PC. CNS Envision offers turnkey analysis and review of complex information captured by CNS Monitor.

Together, the Moberg CNS Monitor and Envision Software with remote neuromonitoring allow clinicians to personalize patient management at the bedside and remotely, keeping care teams better informed and prepared to prevent secondary brain injury.

Service and support

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CNS Envision provides a suite of tools that allow providers to offer personalized patient management

Personalized patient management

CNS Envision provides a suite of tools that allow providers to guide care tailored to a patient’s individual physiology.

  • Compute higher-order metrics, such as PRx
  • Identify treatment targets using advanced visualizations
  • Characterize cumulative burden and pathological excursions
  • Create charts to better manage adherence of desired thresholds

Validation of intervention impacts

  • Record interventions at the bedside in real time
  • Retrospectively evaluate changes to physiology after interventions to determine effectiveness or ineffectiveness of those interventions
  • Allows clinicians to evaluate success of the care team’s adherence to clinical guidelines
Increase efficiency with remote view capabilities of Moberg CNS Envision

Increased efficiency with remote monitoring and review

  • Improve communication between ICU staff by enabling multiple users in multiple locations to view the same data together, as well as mark events and make annotations for other team members to read.
  • Remote use of analysis tools facilitates timely and accurate decision making by providing users real time feedback in addition to long-term trend and patient data
  • Enables users to work from virtually anywhere

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