Moberg CNS Monitor

The Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) offers seamless integration of time-synchronized data collected from multiple sources.

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Simple Data

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The leader in multimodal monitoring

Over 40 years ago, Dick Moberg assembled a team to develop the first FDA-cleared multimodal neuromonitor for use with brain-injured patients. Since then, the Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) has been improved over several generations and is the only device seeking to solve the problem of segregated data in multimodal neuromonitoring. Natus is carrying the Moberg legacy forward with the Moberg, continuing to drive innovation and support improved patient management in neurocritical care.


EEG designed for the ICU

The recent proliferation of neuromonitoring modalities presents a challenge for providers who need a comprehensive view of complex patient data. The Moberg CNS was created to integrate the data from multiple monitoring devices to one convenient dataset for visualization and analysis.

When a neurologically injured patient is monitored by multiple devices, correlated data provides a dynamic picture of the patient’s specific situation and informs pathophysiology-driven intensive care.

Service and support

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The CNS Monitor extracts the value from your monitoring investment by enabling individualized care.

Dick Moberg

Founder and CEO | Moberg Analytics

Endlessly Customizable

  • Compatible with most systems used in multimodal monitoring; ICP, hemodynamics, brain oxygen, pupils, temperature, perfusion, TCD, CO2, sedation, metabolism and pupils in a full video EEG machine focusing on ICU
  • Any EEG recorded using the Moberg CNS monitor is compatible with Persyst, allowing existing users of Persyst to continue using the tools they are familiar with to read EEG


Simple data visualization at the bedside

  • Collect high-resolution, time-synchronized physiology from multiple ICU devices
  • Support immediate intervention with customizable display of raw data, processed EEG, multimodal trends and waveforms
  • Easily examine relationships between physiological parameters

Product Information


The following devices are components of the Moberg CNS Monitor that directly acquire data.

  • CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier
  • CNS Video Camera
    • PTZ-300/350*
      On-screen controls enable adjusting of pan, tilt, and zoom from the CNS Monitor
      Configurable settings ensure optimal picture in a variety of lighting conditions
      Infrared illuminator accessory allows better subject visibility in low-light environments
      * Only available in US
    • VID-300/350
      Mounted on a flexible arm to provide convenient adjusting of viewing position
      Adjustable zoom, focus and aperture of the camera lens to optimize picture
      High sensitivity sensor allows operation in low-light environments


Moberg CNS Envision Software

CNS Envision enables efficient remote monitoring and review of data recorded from the CNS Monitor. A companion product to the CNS Monitor,  Moberg CNS Envision can be installed on any Windows PC.


Not available in all countries including countries requiring a CE mark. Contact your Natus representative for availability. 

Supported Devices

The CNS Monitor collects and integrates data from the following external devices.

Patient Monitor Interfaces
  • Draeger Infinity®
    Delta, IACS
    B650, B850
  • GE Solar
    8000M, 8000i, Dash®
  • Philips IntelliVue
    MP 20-90 and MX series
    Requires either the MIB/RS232 Interface (J13) or the Advanced System Interface (J40)
  • Spacelabs Patient Monitor
    Qube (A.15.31+)
    Xprezzon (A.15.31+)
    Requires PDL option


ICP & Brain Oxygen
  • Edwards ForeSight
    MC-2000 Series
    ELITE (A.12.64+)
  • Integra Licox®
    LCX02 (A.14.14+)
  • Integra Licox® CMP
  • Medtronic INVOS™
    PM7100 (A.16.116+)
  • Natus Camino®
    CAM01, MPM-1
    CAM02 (A.14.14+)
  • Nonin® SenSmart
    X-100 (A.14.14+)
  • Raumedic® DataLogger
    MPR2 logO (A.14.14+)
  • Sophysa Pressio® 2
    PSO-4000 (A.17.22+)


Cerebral Blood Flow
  • Hemedex Bowman Perfusion Monitor
    Bowman 500


  • Multigon / Delica TCD System
    US: ROBOTOC9MD / Int’l: EMS-9D (A.17.22+)
  • NovaSignal Lucid
    M1 (A.16.45+)
  • Spencer TCD


  • NeurOptics® Pupillometer
    NPi®-200 (A.12.174+)


Temperature Management
  • Medivance Arctic Sun®
    Stat (A.18.29+)
  • Gentherm Blanketrol® III


  • Edwards HemoSphere
  • Edwards EV1000
  • Edwards Vigileo
  • Pulsion PiCCO2
    PulsioFlex is not supported


  • MDialysis ISCUSflex


Depth of Anesthesia
  • Medtronic BIS Monitor
    A-2000, View, Vista


  • Draeger Evita®
    V500, VN500 (A.19.109+)


 IRB-approved research
  • Hamilton Ventilator

Product Literature Download

Moberg CNS Solutions Brochure


Customer Success


  • Video: Quality Control
    Dr. Hawryluk describes how reviewing patient data remotely and at the bedside helps him to maintain a high level of care in the neurocritical care unit.


  • Video: Improving Compliance with Guideline Thresholds
    Consistent adherence to guideline thresholds can be difficult. The threshold compliance tool that Dr. Hawryluk developed in collaboration with Moberg ICU Solutions enables his team to improve their level of care




  • Video: Daily Clinical Care with the CNS Monitor
    No data left behind! Legacy Emanuel Medical Center integrates multiple neuro parameters on the CNS Monitor, customizes displays, and manipulates data easily at the bedside.


  • Video: Multimodal Monitoring Supports Clinical Decision Making
    Seeing the “whole picture” assists with clinical decision making at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. Correlate PbtO2, CBF, ICP, microdialysis, vital signs, and more to support significant clinical decisions for patients with SAH, TBI, stroke or other neurological injuries.



  • Video: A Vital Research Tool
    Dr. Gélinas says she can’t conduct her research without the CNS Monitor. Find out what makes the CNS Monitor a vital research tool.


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