Dantec® Keypoint® G4 EMG / NCS / EP Workstation

Dantec Keypoint G4

The Dantec Keypoint G4 EMG / NCS / EP Workstation is a flexible, ergonomic system used to measure nerve and muscle function in disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, myasthenia gravis and ALS. Used with Keypoint.NET EMG Software, the G4 offers an exclusive suite of customizable features and test templates to enhance clinical workflows. The G4 Workstation features industry-leading amplifiers and stimulators with outstanding signal quality and reliability with 3-, 4-, 6- or 8-channel options.

Key Features:

  • Industry-leading amplifiers and stimulators
  • Flexible amplifiers and stimulator arm for close patient connection
  • Dedicated control panel
  • Ergonomically designed cart with multiple adjustment options
  • Software controlled interconnection of reference inputs
  • IT Friendly – SQL Database, automated study data, HL7® connectivity

Not available in all countries.  Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

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