Natus® SleepWorks™ PSG Software

SleepWorks PSG Software

Natus SleepWorks PSG software is an extensive, flexible and cybersecure sleep diagnostic solution that simplifies the setup, collection, review, analysis and reporting of comprehensive sleep studies. Efficiency is optimized using HL7 interfaces for bi-directional data exchange with electronic medical record systems. Video and PSG data can be analyzed and reviewed while the study is being collected. Customized work spaces may be created and saved as needed for personal preferences and expedited workflow.
Sleep report templates using Microsoft® Word® are provided that summarize recorded and scored sleep data using simple measures including count, average, maximum and minimum values, as well as data ranges for trended values. Report templates can also be easily customized to meet individual reporting needs.
The Microsoft SQL-based SleepWorks database is a powerful tool that simplifies the management of patient, study and laboratory data. Filter studies by date, status, diagnosis, or use any built-in editable field to create custom filters for your unique needs. Track outcomes and filter by statistical indices that are calculated in the reports. The distributed database automatically updates system settings across the network to ensure that all workstations have current lab settings.
SleepWorks PSG software enables lab compliance with the latest guidelines published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Moreover, SleepWorks is designated Citrix Ready, which is awarded to third-party partners that have successfully met test criteria set by Citrix, and gives customers added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering.
SleepWorks PSG software is a complete sleep diagnostic package designed to meet the needs of private practice clinics, sleep clinics, hospitals, and large teaching institutions.

Key Features:

  • EEG/Sleep combo software package
  • Simple set up, collection, review, analysis and reporting
  • Easy study start from the integrated database
  • Enhanced security features
  • Advanced tools
    • Flow volume loop
    • XactTrace® – XFlow™, XSum™, Phase, RMI™, XVolume and respiratory rate channels
    • qEEG Analysis
    • Automated event marking
  • Stream data directly to a server for reliability and security
  • Integrates with a full range of powerful amplifiers
  • Citrix® Ready partner

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

SQL Database
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready Partner

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