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CSF Valves & Shunts

Novus Valves
The pressure/flow performance of the Novus Valves is specifically designed to resemble the characteristics of normal, healthy, CSF physiology. Novus features an integral Anti-Siphon Device based on a normally-open design.
DP Valve system thumbnail
The original Ball-In-Cone and Spring mechanism is the basis of all our Natus DP Valve Systems. Several color-coded pressure ranges are offered in standard and pediatric versions. A variety of system configurations are available, depending on physician preference.
Ultra VS
The simple cylindrical shape of the UltraVS lowers the profile of the valve system in order to reduce the risk of skin erosion. At only 13 mm long and 3.8 mm wide, the UltraVS Neonate is the smallest valve manufactured, and the Natus valve most appropriate for neonatal patients. 
Multi-Purpose Valves
The Multi-Purpose Valves are easy-to-use flat bottom miter valve devices and are available in three pressure ranges, with or without an integral Anti-Siphon Device to meet a wide range of patient needs.  Key Features:

Lumbar Shunts

H-V Lumbar System Updated
Each Horizontal-Vertical (H-V) lumbar valve system adjusts for changes in posture to maintain pressure at appropriate levels in the standing and recumbent positions. When the valve unit is horizontal, the spring-actuated, ball-in-cone inlet valve alone controls the lower pressure limit.
Spetzler Lumbar Shunt Kit
Spetzler is the most prominent name in lumbar-peritoneal shunting products, available exclusively from Natus. The original lumbar-peritoneal shunt, designed for the treatment of communicating hydrocephalus in adults, can be inserted without a laminectomy.

Anti-Siphon Devices

Gravity comp accesory
The Gravity Compensating Accessory (GCA) is designed to be mounted in line with the DP valve or any other differential pressure valve system in order to counteract the siphoning effect of hydrostatic pressure when the patient is in the upright position. Key Features:
Anti-Siphon Device
The original physiologically designed siphon control mechanism, the Anti-Siphon Device, is normally open and reacts only as needed to changes in hydrostatic pressure.

CSF Reservoirs

Designed as a closed ventricular access system, the Natus Reservoir facilitates CSF withdrawal as well as delivery of radioisotopes and chemotherapeutic agents. Key Features:
On-Off Reservoir
On-Off CSF Reservoirs feature the exclusive On-Off Device, a proximal occluder, and reinforced flat bottom. The reservoir is offered with or without an Anti-Siphon Device.  Only available in the United States

Brain Mapping

Nicolet Cortical Stimulator
The Nicolet Cortical Stimulator is a compact, digital and portable unit that aids in identification and mapping of the areas of the brain that control speech, sensory, vision and motor skills.

Subdural Electrodes