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The Natus NeuroWorks platform simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring, trending and managing data for routine EEG testing, ambulatory EEG, long-term monitoring, ICU monitoring, and research studies.
EEG Amplifier for clinical EEG studies in the hospital EEG lab or in a private practice.
The EEG32U amplifier is feature rich, providing all the resources needed for clinical EEG studies in the hospital EEG lab or in a private practice. The EEG32U amplifier is the complete EEG instrument.
EEG System for the detection of various neurological disorders.
NicoletOne EEG is a high quality, cost effective solution for the detection of various neurological disorders. The NicoletOne EEG system offers flexibility without compromising capability, delivering essential features for efficient performance, making it ideal for all clinical needs.
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Connectivity solutions from Natus enhance workflow and productivity allowing for more focus on the patients. Natus data sharing system provides quick access to patient conditions via an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which enabling the appropriate medical intervention.
Natus Brain Monitor
The Natus Brain Monitor is the next generation advanced amplifier for EEG, Long-Term Monitoring and ICU studies. Its higher sampling rates, wider signal bandwidth, and additional configurable inputs make it a perfect choice for all clinical settings including EEG, LTM and ICU.
Overview of Brain Quick Product Lines
High-End Clinical Devices for LTM, ICU, EEG and Ambulatory The BRAIN QUICK EEG Line of products includes configurations for Long Term Monitoring (LTM), ICU/NICU, Clinical EEG and Ambulatory home testing.
One platform - multiple applications Based on 35 years of experience in the field of neurology, BrainRT offers a unique and intuitive user interface that is versatile enough to be used for multiple applications.
Moberg CNS Envision
Advanced strategical analysis CNS Envision enables efficient remote review of data recorded from the CNS Monitor. Customize multimodal displays, prune data, and make annotations to streamline your review experience.
Moberg CNS Monitor
Time Synchronized Multimodal Data The Moberg CNS Monitor brings time-synchronized, high resolution multimodal data to the bedside. Display continuous EEG alongside systemic physiology from over 30 ICU devices. Customize state-of-the-art displays to meet each patient’s unique needs.
User friendly EEG with 34, 58 or 90 channels* The NEUROWERK EEG system performs seamlessly and meets the demands of clinical EEG applications, including Routine EEG and ICU.