Natus Service Excellence

Make a world of difference for your patients with industry-leading technology backed by exceptional customer service

Leading an industry requires innovation. Not just in the solutions we provide, but also in our dedication to enhancing our processes. We’ve made significant upgrades to our customer service capabilities so you can rely on Natus to give you full confidence in your system’s performance, no matter where you practice.

We've had Natus for years. Always easy to get on the phone - practically no wait time compared to other service providers.

Natus Neuro Customer

Using your feedback to exceed expectations

With more than 80 years’ experience serving the needs of clinicians around the world, we at Natus stand by the quality of our solutions and care to ensure our customers always have the best possible experience.


Thanks to feedback from our users, we dedicated time and resources to enhance our service infrastructure to provide even greater value for those who choose Natus.

  • Implemented an advanced, worldwide call system — powered by RingCentral — that allows our service team to quickly address priority service calls and respond to all inquiries more consistently and efficiently
  • Expanded training for our front-line representatives and increased real-time information access with a new CRM system by Salesforce to better manage and address all inquiries
  • Increased the number of Technical Support and Professional Service team members on our staff to support more personal and attentive customer service experiences
  • Continued measuring and tracking customer feedback on our service response, to identify new ways to better serve our customers


These updates allow us to provide our customers with a smoother customer service experience.

Going around with IT on my end was difficult. Reaching out to you made all the difference in the world.

Natus Neuro Customer

Experience continuous excellence with Natus Care

Our promise to provide excellence doesn’t end once you’ve made a purchase. It’s just the beginning of our continued support. No matter what level of service or support you need, Natus is committed to providing the best possible experience to help you make the most of your equipment.

    •  Hands-on Field Service to expertly install, maintain and service any of our industry-leading products
    •  Worldwide Technical Support from field personnel who work directly with you to address and resolve technical issues, minimizing equipment downtime and workflow disruption
    • Clinical IT Service ensures seamless implementation of products to work within your unique and complex IT infrastructure and practice environments – with minimal risk

Whether you want full coverage, partial coverage, or preventive maintenance, Natus’ flexible Natus Care service options provide just the level of support customers need.

Let us know your thoughts

We look forward to hearing about your Natus customer service experience. If you have questions or any feedback you’d like to share, please complete the form below, and your local Natus representative will be in touch.