Neurocritical Care & Brain Injury

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Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Systems & Catheters

Cerebral Spinal Fluid Management

EDS 3 External Drainage System
In critical care situations, even the slightest variables can impact patients’ outcomes. The EDS 3 external drainage system is designed to improve cerebrospinal fluid drainage under varying conditions, giving your clinical team more confidence in every procedure.   

Cranial Access Kits

Drill and bits
Part of our reliable, proven, and trusted neurocritical care solutions suite, providers rely on Natus cranial access kits for safe, sterile cranial procedures.

EEG in the ICU

The Natus NeuroWorks platform simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring, trending and managing data for routine EEG testing, ambulatory EEG, long-term monitoring, ICU monitoring, and research studies.
Natus Brain Monitor
The Natus Brain Monitor is the next generation advanced amplifier for EEG, Long-Term Monitoring and ICU studies. Its higher sampling rates, wider signal bandwidth, and additional configurable inputs make it a perfect choice for all clinical settings including EEG, LTM and ICU.
Nicolet ICU Monitor thumbnail
Nicolet Monitor is the leading solution for intensive care brain monitoring. Continuous brain monitoring is used to monitor EEG brain activity and other physiological parameters in acutely ill patients.

Newborn Brain Injury

Olympic Brainz monitor 3.1.5
The Olympic Brainz Monitor (OBM) is your trusted partner in the NICU. Simple, automated and secure, the OBM provides actionable neurological information during the early stages of newborn development. It’s as easy as plug in the unit, apply the electrodes and record.